How a Blog Was Born

Once upon a time there was a boy named Joe and a girl named Lorien who met while working at an Italian restaurant which shall not be named. When first they met, Joe and Lorien both shared a love of all things meat, cheese, and wheat-related. As time passed, however, they both began on their own roads to culinary distinction. Lorien became a vegan and discovered a latent wheat allergy (which she has been ignoring until now) and Joe slowly began to dip his toes first into vegetarianism and finally into the vegan pool of bliss (this does not obligate him to remain there). Though their roads had been different, they found themselves facing similar problems. Mainly, how to eat healthy on a budget ($20-40 a week to be exact) while living in one of the most expensive areas in the United States (Joe lives in New York City and Lorien lives in the Hamptons). Thus, a blog was born. Encompassed in this blog are the musings of Lorien and Joe as they both look for the answers to this question and, hopefully, enjoy a hell of a lot of good food along the way.

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