People sometimes question how I can continue to stay positive in the midst of so much turmoil in our lives. My answer? Nonstop personal development and a hell of a lot of support. Oh, and coffee. Coffee helps too ? Last night, after an overwhelming day, I came home to find 2 packages on the kitchen counter, both addressed to me ? One contained a new personal development book that I have been coveting for a year ? and the other had 2 brand new shiny motivational mugs?!! I am a SUCKER for a coffee mug. Let me just say that outright. But it was the handwritten notes that started the tears. Reminders that someone sees that I’m trying. That it’s hard. That I can do this. We all think we’re so strong and we don’t need to hear that stuff. Then, when someone DOES give us that kind word, or hug, or smile, we crumble because our hearts are secretly ACHING for it! So, thank you, Sophie, for your random act of kindness, your perfectly timed words, and my new shiny treasures! I am lucky to be able to call you a friend ❤️

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