There’s no denying it. This is going to be tough.

I must admit, I was a bit ambitious last week and I immediately went out and tried to buy everything on my Top 20 list. I wanted to see just how far away from the finish line I actually was. Though I’m not astronomically off my mark (my budget is $40 weekly since I’m feeding my husband and myself), I found the results a little grim. Now, mind you, this is shopping at Whole Foods and almost everything is organic so I definitely know I could do cheaper. I just don’t know how I will continue to do healthier in addition to cheaper. I suppose that’s part of the learning curve…Below is my bounty, in all its glory:

Organic yellow yam: $1.92
Gluten-free pasta: $2.99
Organic quinoa (over 1 lb): $2.34
Organic brown rice (over 1 lb): $3.08
Organic lentils (over 1 lb): $3.12
Garlic: $.33
Organic chard (2 bunches): $4
Organic red onions (3 lbs): $3.99
Spike seasoning: $2.69
Organic peanut butter: $3.99
Organic carrots (10): $1.60
Canned diced tomatoes: $1.69
Organic red potatoes (5lbs): $5.99
Gluten-free bread: $5.99
Olive oil: $5
Flax oil: $5
Sunflower seeds (1 lb): $2
Tofu: $1.69
Bananas (15): $2.80
Organic raisins: $3.49

Bag refund: $-.30

Grand total: $63.40

So how can I cut approximately $23 from my budget? Well, for starters, I think I will need to forgo any organic yams in the near future! How in the holy hell does one sweet potato cost almost $2?! Cross that baby off the list and we’ve only got to get it down $20 more! There will be carry-over from my red onions and potatoes so my grocery list will be cheaper next week but I was really hoping to stay within the budget each and every week, rather than focusing on carry-over. We’ll see how practical that is. I do know that I bought WAY too many dried goods for my own well-being! It seems I’m a bit ambitious, looking to eat 1 lb of lentils, brown rice AND quinoa in one week! We definitely made a dent but we could have bought half the amount of each and been fine. And I would have KILLED to put coffee and sugar on the budget!

Lots of learning to be done, my friend. Lots of learning.

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