Aldi’s Find! Vegan Cream Cheese ?

In case you haven’t heard, Aldi’s has launched a new vegan line and I have been slowly working my way through the entire thing ? This week’s find was vegan cream cheese!! Now usually I’m a Tofutti cream cheese kind of girl and, most recently, I became acquainted with Miyoko’s cashew cream cheese (oh my God, DELICIOUS) but both cost about two to three times as much as this baby so I figured it was definitely worth a whirl! Let me tell you friends, it’s FANTASTIC! $2 gets you a nondairy cream cheese that is creamy, rich, and doesn’t have an overtly “soy flavor”. If I had to rate it against the other two options I would pick Miyoko’s first if I’m feeling splurge-y (that’s totally a word, right?) but this would definitely be my first choice for everyday use!

I’m curious- of the nondairy versions out there, what’s your favorite brand?

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