Beachbody Testimonials

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Lorien is such a great motivator!

I have known Lorien since 2015, when we first collaborated with the youth empowerment organization she was working at then and my theater company. I was always attracted to her bubbly energy and ambitious nature. Over the last year or so, I’ve been part of her Project Fit to be Free Facebook group and it’s been really helpful in my health and fitness journey. She’s always coming up with great monthly challenges, posting awesome recipes, and providing opportunities for us to be accountable on a daily basis. She makes personal connections with everyone in the group and truly cares about our own journeys. I also am amazed at her own fitness journey which she is always extremely open about and always dedicated to. It’s inspiring and awesome to witness. She is an amazing coach, wife and mother and a woman I am honored to know and call a friend.

Kasia Klimiuk

Great Motivator

I’ve known Lorien since jr. high and she has aways been dedicated, motivated, and great role model. That has not changed! As a mom with a full time career, I found myself caught in the web of putting myself last; family and work came before my own needs. Seeing Lorien’s post about her fitness journey, incorporating “Me” time into her day, around family and work, was very inspiring to me. She became my coach and through her daily posts and personal check-ins, she helped motivate me to be accountable to myself and make my health a priority – setting a good example for my little one!

Stephanie A.

Changed for the better.

Since college, I have struggled to find ways to be active and follow a better diet. My weight yo-yos, my energy levels always bottom out and I give up. But after I joined Lorien’s group, suddenly I wasn’t on my own anymore. I had a group of people all facing the same challenges. I had accountability. And I had an amazing, caring coach who truly inspired me to be the best person I could be. .
She takes the time to listen and help. She is constantly challenging herself. And what I love most is that she shares all of this with the group. The good days and the bad. And how to learn from your mistakes. And get back up and try again. That’s the person I want as a coach. Because I know her, I have been changed for the better.

Christine Fallon

Amazing woman!

To know Lorien, is to love her. It’s cliche but so true about this strong woman. I met her as I was introduced to beachbody coaching, a little over a year ago. Kindred spirits..dare I use another cliche…ya darn skippy.

Her enthusiasm, encouraging and empowering attitude is and what has kept me going as a coach and participant. She is one of the coolest vegans I know. Her knowledge in the kitchen and couponing skills are my aspirations.

Sound like a groupie….I totally am.

Cheers to you and your empire Lorien!!!!

Milan Hamilton

Lorien rocks!

Lorien has been a wonderful guide on my fitness journey! I’ve really appreciated her knowledge, humility, and, most importantly, her genuine positive enthusiasm for wellness. While on the 21 Day Fix, she motivated me to get up early (not an easy task!!!) and get my workouts in by creating a fun atmosphere to share accomplishments. I saw results and felt amazing!

Don Rebar

After gaining 50 pounds during

After gaining 50 pounds during pregnancy, I was afraid I’d never look or feel the same again. And lurking in the back of my mind was the thought that I wanted to have another kid, and I needed to be in better shape to have a successful natural birth. Lorien was there for me every step of the way, encouraging me and praising me for my efforts. I was able to get back into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe including my wedding dress! And I was in the shape I wanted to be in for my second pregnancy. I’m looking forward to rejoining Lorien and her fitness programs soon to drop the baby weight again, and because of her I know I can do it!


I have been following Lorien’s

I have been following Lorien’s group page for almost a year. I enjoy the words of wisdom and motivation going on there. Thanks for the help and tips you give out to me and everyone else.

Christina Gillespie

My Inspiration

Lorien is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. She is at once one of the gentlest, kindest and most caring souls and a total hard-core ‘boss’ who takes on every challenge with determination and a will to win.

Her devotion to veganism and respect for all sentient life is inspiring and has helped me believe I can return to that healthy (for ourselves, our planet, and the animals we share it with) lifestyle I embraced as a young woman and ‘lost’ to social constraints.

Her healthy life coaching is helpful, encouraging, and never judgemental. She accepts us each where we are, teaches us to learn to love ourselves for who we are, and then kicks butt to get us to be the best we can be and never stop striving for more.
She has introduced me to such fabulous programs and how to make them a part of every day of my life.
Watching her challenge herself (MUDDER? WOW) inspires me to push myself harder and farther.

Her creativity shines in her acting, her dramaturgy, her love of and passion for the creative arts.

Lorien is an exceptional woman, mother, wife, friend, and coach…and a fine example of the best of what it means to truly be “human”.

Pamela Celeste Reese