My go-to diner breakfast

AvocadoFor me, breakfast at a restaurant was always one of the toughest situations to find myself in. Everything I used to enjoy eating: omelettes, egg sandwiches, pancakes, french toast, etc. was off the list of options and without a new list of what to look for, I found myself hungry and frustrated.

I found that the best way to handle dining out was to come up with a list of consistently vegan options I could look for at every restaurant I went to. Not the fancy vegan breakfast joints (yes, they do exist!), but your typical mom-and-pop type establishments. This is what I look for: Continue reading “My go-to diner breakfast”

Much Ado About Cheese

product-cheddar-us_2Ah, cheese…For many, this is the final frontier in the transition into veganism. As someone who used to eat cheese for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, trust me when I say I understand. Finding an acceptable substitute can be daunting (and expensive!) as you try product after product. One is too wet, another is too crumbly, one won’t melt (well, most won’t melt if truth be told), and another seems to melt straight into a liquid. The experiments go on and on. Continue reading “Much Ado About Cheese”

Veganism 101

VeganA friend of mine has decided to go vegan beginning today and in honor of this awesome decision I’m dedicating a section of this blog to any and all questions about starting out on this journey. I’m no expert, but if you’d like advice on what the best cheese substitute might be, how to use flaxseed or how to survive your first Thanksgiving, I’m happy to help!

Leave your questions in the comment section below and let’s get this party started!!!