It has arrived…

As a vegetarian my main staple food was egg sandwiches. Every day I ate an egg sandwich and I CRAVED them when I was pregnant with my daughter! When I heard this company was FINALLY releasing an egg substitute in the UK I jumped for joy ? I never thought it eould hit shelves in tge US this soon!

I have tried every egg substitute on the market but none have ever really hit the spot. Either the taste was off (not “eggy” enough for me) or texture was off (who eats gritty eggs?!). But this company makes my FAVORITE mayo and I just know in my little vegan heart that it’s going to be awesome!!! Scrambled “eggs” are on the breakfast menu tomorrow, baby!!!

Has anyone tried these yet? Are they as delicious as I’ve dreamed?? Would you be interested in me doing a follow-up review? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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