Meal Plan #1

PlanningSo. It looks like we officially went waaayyy over budget on food last month 🙁 Honestly, I blame this mostly on my lack of time. Whenever I find myself getting burned out the first thing that goes are my weekly meal plans, followed shortly by my food budget…Within a month I always manage to pull myself back on track, but it’s a painful lesson every time it happens.

I’ve never actually posted about my weekly meal plans but I thought I’d give it a try this week! Let me know if this is something that interests you out there in cyber-land and I’d be happy to keep doing it! Sometimes it’s just nice to see how other people are managing to eat vegan while simultaneously making ends meet 😉 I’m also happy to post recipes if anything sounds interesting! Just shoot me a request in the comments below.

This is what we’re looking at for the week of April 29, 2013:

Monday- Grilled Daiya Cheese with leftover Black Bean Lentil Soup

Tuesday- Smoky Southwest Sweet Potato Shepard Pie (from Vegan on the Cheap)

Wednesday- Tempeh Fire Pot (from Vegan on the Cheap)

Thursday- Brown Rice Spaghetti with Homemade Marinara and Salad

Friday- BBQ Tofu with Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Corn with Lime

Saturday- Pizza (with homemade crust), Marinara Sauce (from spaghetti night), Follow Your Heart cheese, pepper and onions

Sunday- Leftovers

Breakfasts for this week will consist of oatmeal, cereal, fruit, or green smoothies

Lunch will consist of dinner leftovers

Snacks will consist of fruit, popcorn, celery/carrot sticks, and tortilla chips w/ homemade salsa (leftover from the Southwest Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie)

I’ll post the total amount spent at the end of this week. So far it’s a little under $100 for this 3.25 person family! If we can keep it under $150 (living in the Hamptons) I will be a happy girl!

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  1. nice menu! We have a variaton on grilled corn wth lime on our menu also. Love Fire Pots. (Tofu still scares me… the spawn are very resistant unless l am REALLY good at hiding it)

    1. Ooo! I’d love to hear your variation on the corn with lime! I just learned about this beauteous dish the other week and now I am thoroughly addicted. As for tofu, the key (as far as I’m concerned) is to press, marinate, and bake that bad boy. Otherwise, if you’re really wanting to hide it, you can go for a recipe like tofu ricotta. Works every time!

  2. As a working mom of 3 young ones, I too struggle with meal planning. I am currently working on a web tool that helps me make it easier. Try it if you like (currently in Beta), I would love to know if it helps you and your family. Contact me at if you would like more info

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