Much Ado About Cheese

product-cheddar-us_2Ah, cheese…For many, this is the final frontier in the transition into veganism. As someone who used to eat cheese for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, trust me when I say I understand. Finding an acceptable substitute can be daunting (and expensive!) as you try product after product. One is too wet, another is too crumbly, one won’t melt (well, most won’t melt if truth be told), and another seems to melt straight into a liquid. The experiments go on and on.

The good news is that there are some really incredible products that have come out in the past few years! For those seeking acceptable (or even exceptional) options, I have listed a few of my favorite options below.

1. Daiya

If I could, I would put this down as my first, second and third cheese of choice! Daiya is incredible, it really is. It melts beautifully, tastes wonderful, and is getting very easy to find at your local supermarket or super vegan friendly restaurants. The shreds come in three delicious flavors: cheddar, mozzarella, and pepperjack. I love them all! My only warning would be to go easy on applying the cheese as it can be very rich. Sprinkle, don’t douse 😉


2. Follow Your Heart: Vegan Gourmet

While I adore Daiya’s rich flavor there is something wonderfully refreshing about the light flavor of the Vegan Gourmet cheese. I’m especially partial to the mozzarella flavor when it comes to recipes like lasagna and bruschetta, and I am absolutely in love with their nacho flavor when it comes to my favorite Mexican dishes. Give it a try! Just don’t microwave it. Never, ever, ever microwave it.

tofutti3. Tofutti Soy Cheese Slices

Tofutti is my favorite all-around vegan brand, I have to say. They make the most incredible ice cream, sour cream, cream cheese- you name it- so when I found their cheese slices at the grocery store I HAD to give them a shot! I’m not much of an American cheese girl but sometimes it’s the only thing that will satisfy those crappy grilled cheese cravings from childhood. For that purpose alone they are worth a try!

If I had to list one more I would probably go for Teese Cheese but seeing as how difficult it is to come by in your average run-of-the-mill grocery stores I thought I would pass on this one for now. If you run into it one day do give it a shot! It’s yummy.

So tell me, what is the one cheese-laden food you feel you could never live without?

6 Replies to “Much Ado About Cheese”

  1. I know I am the reason you had cheese every day! David loved Italian…well…everything. And Italian IS cheese. I love Mexican and Central American… oh yeah. more cheese. Nachos or pizza or lasagna without cheese? Just not right. Thankfully, I am gradually adapting to vegan cheese…cost being an issue. And I was pleased there are some recipes for my beloved cheesecake (yes I know cream cheese isn’t ‘cheese’ but it IS dairy 😉 ) that are actually a pretty good substitute.
    There may be hope for me yet.
    (hey…do any of the vegan cheeses make good mozarella sticks???? Another passion, and it requires chunk cheese, lol)

    1. Daiya actually makes chunk cheese though I have to admit I’m not a huge fan…If you can find if I highly recommend going with Teese cheese on this one. It’s perfect for mozzarella sticks and stuffed crust pizza 😉

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