My go-to diner breakfast

AvocadoFor me, breakfast at a restaurant was always one of the toughest situations to find myself in. Everything I used to enjoy eating: omelettes, egg sandwiches, pancakes, french toast, etc. was off the list of options and without a new list of what to look for, I found myself hungry and frustrated.

I found that the best way to handle dining out was to come up with a list of consistently vegan options I could look for at every restaurant I went to. Not the fancy vegan breakfast joints (yes, they do exist!), but your typical mom-and-pop type establishments. This is what I look for:

1. Toast (order it dry or it may come with butter)

2. Side of avocado (look for guacamole or other dishes that use avocado to clue you in as to whether they may have it in stock)

3. Side of sliced tomatoes

4. Homefries (check to make sure they are fried in oil used for meat or cooked in butter)

5. Side of fruit

With these options I can usually compile a plate that consists of: toast with mashed avocado and tomato slices (dolled up with some salt and pepper), fruit salad and homefries. Or, if you can’t find any avocado, try toast with peanut butter and/or jam, fruit salad and homefries. Trust me, if you pile this all onto your plate, no one will accuse you of starving! Plus, it’s absolutely delicious! And since you’re ordering sides, it’s also likely to be cheaper than everything else being eaten around you. Score!

You can also look for staples like oatmeal (cooked in water, not milk), get a little brave and try to convince the chef to cook you pancakes from scratch using a simple recipe (I actually carry this around in my purse for situations like this, believe it or not!), or look outside the box at dishes like vegetable fajitas or a veggie burger for breakfast. The sky’s the limit!

Go to that diner. Stuff your face. Then come back and tell me what other tricks for vegan breakfast options you’ve got hiding up your sleeves 😉

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