Spending Freeze

I read an article recently about someone who decided to spend nothing for a month. Always intrigued by the frugal tactics of other bloggers, I read on (and on) determined to see how it worked for them. The funny thing is, it wasn’t that they were spending nothing but, rather, it was that they were actually sticking to a pre-determined budget and not spending extra. For some readers it seemed this was too easy. For others, it seemed as though it wasn’t sustainable. Just how long can one human being go without purchasing a double decaf soy latte? For the month of September, I’m determined to find out.

We’re going to call this a spending freeze (I think that name has a more positive connotation) and for one month my husband and I are committed to only paying out of pocket for bills, food, or things we’ve already budgeted for (i.e. warm clothes for the baby if it continues to think it’s Fall around here and one nice meal after we run our first half marathon). I’m setting a food budget for the month (which is lower than usual), meal planning in advance for the entire month, and setting weekly financial reviews as a family so we can see how we’re doing. As an iced coffee addict I can already tell you this is going to be more tricky than making it out to be, but we’re determined!

The first step? Determining what our saved money will go towards. It’s always easier to make sacrifices if you have a goal in mind 😉 For us, it’s going to go towards our trip to see my family in November!!

Now that that’s out of the way, onto the monthly meal plan 🙂

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