Another year, another journal

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to journal. I have tons of notebooks, filled with ideas, reflections, notes, prayers, thoughts, dreams, and achievements. Most precious to me is a little blue notebook that I started last year, which held all my personal development notes, and things which I held most dear, like pictures, my number from my Tough Mudder Run, my research notes for theater productions I’m working on, and workshop notes from my first Beachbody Summit! And two weeks ago, I left it on the train. 

I realized immediately what had happened. I stood helplessly watching the train pull away, I took a picture of the train, talked to the station, called Penn Station, but, as of yesterday, I realized that I have to let it go. It’s not coming back into my life, so I need to release it and move on.

So today, I bought myself a new notebook. Only this time, it’s made to sync electronically with Evernote. So I will never lose my work again ? Technology meets pen and paper? Yes, please!!

#liveandlearn #opportunitiesforgrowth #letgo #notebookaddict #evernote #technologyrocks