Where do I start? One day I came home from work and announced to my husband of approximately 2 months that I had been thinking and I’d decided to go vegetarian. His response was “I guess that means we should throw out all the meat in our freezer.” Which we promptly did. (Isn’t he amazing?) We had both been going back and forth on the vegetarian thing for a long time but this time the decision stuck for both of us.

From that day forward we’ve been on a mission to live a life according to our values. When my husband came home one day, about 2 years later, and announced he was going vegan I decided it was only fair to go along for the ride (though I have to admit I did drag my feet a bit at the beginning). Going vegan has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’m addicted to cookbooks, and cooking, which I devote myself to when I’m not drowning in graduate school work. This is an insight into my world and my passion for food.

Let the eating begin.