That hunk of metal is not your friend

I was led down a rabbit hole last night. It started when a friend asked me if I had heard about the newest diet going around. I hadn’t. Or at least not in depth. So I decided to research it. But I can’t casually research things. It’s not in my DNA (#dramaturg). So before I knew it I was neck-deep in articles, testimonials, websites, TV specials. My mind raced to absorb the information and decipher if this diet was TRULY the key to weight loss that I had been searching for for so long. And then I came face to face with some demons that I had put to rest over this past year. Or so I thought. 

For as long as I can remember I have focused on the scale dictating my self-worth. If I could lose weight trying a new diet, whether it was juicing, Atkins, calorie-counting, green tea pills, you name it, if it would work I would try it. The problem is EVERYTHING worked up until the point that it didn’t anymore. I was continually on a quest for the next quick fix. Hell, that was my mindset when I bought 21 Day Fix!! It was only after I opened the package that I realized it WASN’T selling a quick solution. I had to drag my ass out of bed each morning, workout, and learn a portion control system that helped me re-visit what I put in my body. And guess what? After 21 Days I had to KEEP GOING!

By the end of that first round I had formed a habit and I started to get addicted to the way I felt. I saw results and I didn’t want to stop! I learned to stop looking at the damn scale and to measure my progress on my actions and not just the results. If I needed indicators that I was on the right path, I reviewed whether I had more energy, whether I felt stronger, whether my clothes were fitting better. This program (and the ones that followed) helped me push past letting a number dictate whether I was ready to be happy with where I was in my health journey. That doesn’t mean that I’m not tempted by the siren call of a low number on that scale (as last night proved to me)! But it does mean that I question my motives now. Am I leaning into a new diet/workout plan/ lifestyle because it promises quick rewards or because I think it’s truly right for me?

I say tweak your diet, change your workouts, find what works for you, but don’t jump into things just because you want to see quick weight loss. Do it for your health and not your pant size! If you need help on your journey I would be THRILLED to see you through this! But whatever you do, go with your gut, pick a path, and stay the course. And for God’s sake, ditch the scale ?