Vegan trick-or-treating

A pretty common question I get as a vegan mama is how we handle food-based holidays like Halloween. Do we let our son go trick-or-treating? What do we do when someone gives him non-vegan candy?

The answer is YES, I happen to LOVE trick-or-treating and can’t imagine NOT trick-or-treating!! That said, it can be tough to bring our kiddo around, knowing all the non-vegan junk we’re going to come home with. I can’t offer a perfect solution but I can tell you how we handle it!

First of all, our son knows every kind of vegan candy out there (seriously. EVERY kind) and has always made it a point to ask people for vegan candy if there is a choice. We still get a TON of non-vegan stuff so when we come home I sort it and do one of two things:

1. We swap candy with a neighbor who has two kiddos of her own

2. I “buy” the non-vegan candy from my little man and swap it for something else he wants (Target has AMAZING prices on organic vegan candy the day after Halloween- just saying).

This year we’re donating our goodies to a local restaurant who will be sending it overseas to our troops ?

So now I’m curious- what do YOU do with an excess of Halloween candy? Do you keep it? Take it to work? Donate it? Do tell!! ???

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